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Have Tattoos Lost Meaning?

Art of tattoo making has been a part of our culture since historic times. Tattoos were used as symbols by different tribes denoting their personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs. Men used to flaunt tattoos symbolizing their victories in wars, the deity they used to worship or their position in tribes hierarchy. On the other hand, women used tattoos as embellishments or for denoting initials of ...

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Etched forever

Have inhibitions about getting your first tattoo? Start Small.

Drooling over the cute little tattoo on your favourite celeb’s wrist or having your phone gallery filled with attractive tattoo designs for girls, you wish to get inked for the very first time but have your inhibitions, starting small is the best way to go for you. 

Small tattoos for girls is t ...

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"The Panchjanya" he told with glitter in his blue eyes and a broad grin on his shining face. A very surprising reply from a London-based man, Edward in the waiting room of Jaipur railway station made me wonder how far the Indian mythology has reached. The question was asked out of curiosity and a little nervousness as I was staring at his lower right wrist where a shank ...