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It is a common myth among people that blood cannot be donated after getting a tattoo whereas the reality is that blood can be donated after six months of getting a permanent tattoo. 

The window of six months is kept to prevent the transmission in case the blood gets infected with any sort of disease. Usually, there is a risk of getting infected with a disease when the needle is being re-used. But at Traceink we ensure that the artist only uses equipment which is medically authorised so that the chances of getting infected are minimal.



After the revision of recruitment policy of army the tattoos can be made on the following grounds:

  • Candidates from Tribal Communities

Candidates belonging to tribal communities (as specified by Government of India) are allowed to have permanent body tattoo in accordance with the customs of the tribe but they will have to show certificates like a certificate of belonging to a tribal community and permissibility of permanent body tattoo etc.

  • All Other Candidates

Tattoos for the rest of the candidates are only allowed on the:

(a)Inner face of forearms i.e. from inside of the elbow to the wrist of both the hands (area between 1-2 and 3 in picture affixed) Note:- Area between 4, 5, 6 is not permitted.

(b)Reverse side of the palm/back (dorsal) side of both hands (area between 2 and 3 in picture affixed).


Permissible Tattoos:

(a) Though no restriction on size or type of tattoo has been specified, tattoos are only permitted on body parts as specified by Indian Army.

(b) Only small innocuous tattoos, that are not prejudicial to good order and military discipline are permitted e.g.religious symbols or names of near and dear ones etc.

Non-Permissible Tattoos:

Regardless of location of a tattoo on the body (permitted/not permitted), the following will fall under the category of ‘Non-Permissible Tattoos’:-

(a) Tattoos on any other part of the body except mentioned above

(b) A tattoo with lewd or offensive content or indecent figures.

(c) Tattoos that are indecent, sexist or racist, explained as follows:-

(i) Indecent tattoos are those that are grossly offensive to modesty, decency or propriety.

(ii) Sexist tattoos are those that advocate a philosophy that demeans a person based on gender.

(iii) Racist tattoos advocate a philosophy that degrades or demeans a person based on race, ethnicity or region and religion.

Acceptance/ Non-Acceptance of Permanent Body Tattoo(s) 

Any candidate with a permanent body tattoo(s) on any part of the body other than that specified above (permissible category), or is of an objectionable nature (non-permissible category) are not eligible for enrolment into the Armed Forces.

Candidates with Non-Permissible Tattoos will be rejected by : -

(a) The Commandant, Selection Centre prior to commencement of Stage I (or).

(b) The Commandant, Selection Centre as soon as the non-permissible tattoo(s) is noticed at any stage of the selection process (or).

(c) The Commandant, Selection Centre as soon as the non-permissible tattoo(s) is noticed during the medical examination phase, on intimation by Medical Authorities (or).

(d) The Commandant, Pre-Commission Training Academy (PCTA), if a non-permissible tattoo(s) is noticed post-enrolment during the training phase 3